Nipa Yε Dε

“Nipa yε dε, ne nam na yεnwiε.” So said Auntie Julie when a truck pulled up in front of the house with some neighbors who were moving out. They had come to say their goodbyes, and the big woman could not contain her sadness.

But she found the gracefulness to wish them every success in the next phase of their life, and promised her heart would always be with them; that distance was not a real separator.

When they had Driven off in the rickety truck she sat down and sighed. “Nipa yε dε, ne nam na yεnwiε.” That’s what she said, and for a few minutes she sat quietly. It got me thinking. The Akan proverb means “Humankind sweet; we just don’t eat it.”

A year later I came across an Old Norse proverb that read simply, “Man is man’s Delight” and the thoughts of a year ago came flooding back. There are two statements in the  Bible that strike me as foundational to the idea of human existence. The first is that we are made in the image of God; the second is that God is essentially love.

The logic is simple; we were created out of and for the purpose of, love. It is the highest principle of our being, and it is when we experience it – in its mutual and unhindered fullness – that we know we are something special… that we mean something in this universe. Man is essentially meaningful because he is essentially likeable. This is to be expected if the first statement is true; in fact it can’t be any other way, for

God is love… and you look like Him!

Agana-Nsiire Agana is a theologian, communicator and writer. His passion is for communicating eternal truth in a contemporary context which is influenced by postmodern, secular thought. The gospel, though unchanging, can and should be expressed in terms of the challenges, philosophy and language of the present day.