You’re Quite Something!

The creation process must have been a lot of fun for God. I can only imagine His euphoric highs at the sense of accomplishment as it took shape. When I imagine the scene, God is smiling as things come forth. The Bible makes it clear that God is very proud of His creation. It is His work; He is invested in it.

Indeed, this is what we celebrate each week, and not just the work, but the self-expressing, self-giving Worker. It is also very plain in Scripture that of all His earthly creation God considers you his magnum opus, His masterstroke of genius, His pinnacle of personal accomplishment. This is why He can’t just watch you go bad. As men preserve their great works of art, God works ceaselessly to preserve you, wiping, covering, polishing, and sometimes painfully scrubbing at your dirty corners.

You’re quite something to Him.

Agana-Nsiire Agana is a theologian, communicator and writer. His passion is for communicating eternal truth in a contemporary context which is influenced by postmodern, secular thought. The gospel, though unchanging, can and should be expressed in terms of the challenges, philosophy and language of the present day.